Thursday, 26 November 2015


So Mum and I went to Adelaide on 5 November for me to see Dr Wickham (my haematologist)!

This was supposed to be an easy day trip - up at 10.15am, back by 5pm.

We caught the 10.15am flight without incident.  As we drove out to the airport, mum told me how she used to ride to school from Sunnybrae Road....when she was about 5 years old!!!!  Oh my goodness times have changed!  No way would I let my daughter ride her bike to school...and she's 9!

Anyway, I digress.  We went straight to the Doctor's clinic and had a coffee in their coffee shop until my 1.20pm appointment.

Dr W was fantastic and said all my bloods are normal which is fantastic!  He was happy with how everything is going and after a good chat and a couple of mouth swabs I was good to go.
He gave me antibiotics for my ongoing sinus infection (that'll be 4 weeks of antibiotics) as I just can't shake it.  He also gave me 6 month prescriptions for Bactrim and Valtrex.

I've been so lucky with Doctors as he's just brilliant.  He's so helpful with the 'travelling from Mt Gambier' thing too and I don't have to see him again until 4 January (I will see Ronan in December for bloods)....

So - we finished with Dr W and went straight back to the airport.  We paid $100 to get on the earlier (3.45pm) flight.  We hadn't had lunch but (I don't know about poor mum) but I was fine. 

We used a wheelchair and thank goodness we did as the story goes on (plus  Gate 10 is a million miles away (as I know from previous trips))! 

So we got on the 3.45pm flight (me all masked up etc).  About 20 minutes from Mt Gambier, the plane turned around due to a technical fault and went all the way back to Adelaide.  We disembarked and went back to wait in the airport.  The 5.10pm flight left (which we were originally supposed to be on) left and we left again soon after (that $100 for the earlier flight didn't go far!).

This time we made it all the way to Mt G before circling around for about 1/2 hour above the fog before once again heading back to Adelaide.  By now it was about 9pm!  Once we arrived back in Adelaide they explained there would be no flights to Mt G and we had to find our own accommodation in Adelaide, then we were to ring REX at 5.30am to find out our new flight time.

What The??!!

So mum and I went and stayed at Glenelg and had a much needed Pizza for tea!  Me and Mum both without medications and me being on 2 flights and the airport when I'm supposed to be avoiding germs!  GREAT! 

I rang at 5.30am the next morning and we got on a 10.40am flight!  Oh Man!  Even with 3 flights grounded the day before, they didn't fill up the flight and others had to wait until 3.40pm!!  C RAZY!

Anyway - all's well that ends well but Oh My Goodness what a debacle!  Thank Goodness I had my mum with me!

Another girl on the flight was fabulous and helped with a wheelchair etc and our stewardess was also fantastic (by chance, we also had her the following morning)!

We've already decided that we're driving in January!!

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