Friday, 18 August 2017


I've been thinking about this post for about a week now.  How GREAT is Community.

Examples in the last 10 days:
Last weekend, my heart was warmed when I was pictures of a group working on a garden for an incredibly deserving family going through a health battle. 
The way people pitch in and get things done is just outstanding.  No muss, No fuss.  Just get in, have a bit of fun, and get "it" done (whatever "it" may be).
I'm a member of a "HSCT forum" on Facebook.  We have been, or are planning to go to Russia (or wherever) for HSCT treatment.  One of the forum members (who was off living his amazing new lift post-HSCT) and a horrific accident and it still fighting a battle...he nearly lost his life but through sheer determination, is heading out the other side...all be it, without the use of his legs.  How shitty is that post-HSCT which was so successful for him.  Anyway - I have not met this legend...but followed his story on facebook and still recall his time in Russia...even though it was a year before my time! Our "Community" on facebook sent videos, messages and kept in constant contact about his condition.  I was really heartbroken when I got the news of his accident and my heart breaks that he has lost the use of his legs that he so recently repaired.  But the Community was, and is, outstanding. 
Again - MS related.  Back in 2011 (??) I went on a retreat with fellow MSers to learn about the "Overcoming MS" lifestyle.  We spent 5 intense days together, learning new ways to handle this disease (diet, exercise, meditation, attitude).  SUCH an outstanding bunch of crazies.  Well one of us is going through a rough patch and - just like that - everyone came around her - no matter our own struggles....our hearts bled for this lady and the realisation that she is facing (that even doing 'everything right', she is deteriorating).  A beautiful community stands by her.
My work.  We have a staff member who is very ill.  She is interstate having treatment and is soley supported by her sister.  Our work call her, text her and we have all done her a letter (or joke, or prayer, or whatever)...and everyday she has a special shiny black envelope arrive with news of her "school family" at home.  (I had this done for me when I got back from Russia and I can say from personal experience, it is SOOOO special).  No matter what is in the envelope, it is filled with love and keeps you feeling part of that community
My work again.  We have a gorgeous student who is an incredibly talented singer.  She has her own band and is releasing her first EP!  Not bad for 15!  Our local community and the music community in town is supporting her and her band and their dream!  BUT - even though this could selfishly be about her and her dream, the money raised from her function tonight is going to the Leukaemia supporting community supporting community.
Two local sports girls heading to America to play softball.  Absolute superstars.  Our local community got behind them to help fundraise and support them in any way.
Back to my community when I was raising funds to go to Russia.  A little local community supported me like nothing I could have ever imagined!  It seriously was RIDICULOUS.  I cannot express how humbled I remain to this day and I try to pay it forward whenever I can. 
Sadly I have not improved as I had hoped so, getting in and doing 'stuff' is hard so that's a little battle but I love the community's I am blessed to be a part of: my family; school; town; sports teams; gym; friends; faith; and so it goes on.  I truly hope to be a blessing in the communities I am fortunate enough to be a part of.  I pray my symptoms improve so that I can be a do-er for others. 

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