Friday, 2 October 2015


Well, after my rather emotional day yesterday...I decided my time is too short here and there are new people to meet..and I'm no longer in isolation so I need to enjoy my last few days - regardless of stresses from elsewhere!  So, with my own suitcases now returned, I rummaed around for my 'big girl panties' and decided to get on with day.

I was up bright and early for the 7am (I think it's getting earlier) infusion, I had breakie; facebooked, packed, read, got dressed into REAL clothes and even attempted make up (OMG what a joke).

Dr F came to see me mid-morning, as he always does, but was asking if I was okay - was I homesick....stressed?  I said I NO NO NO!  I AM SO VERY HAPPY HERE but was very frustrated yesterday but just with news from home - but I'm all good.  He just said that my numbers dropped slightly which surprised him.  All well within range so nothing to worry about

Hemoglobin Thurs: 102;  Fri 101 - still not up to range (120-160)
Leukocytes Thurs: 9.34; Fri 6.9 (big drop) - still in 4-10 range
Platelets Thurs: 247; Fri 284 (fine) - still in range  (150-400)
He gave me a hug and said it's no problem.  We have you.  It's all good and fine.  Be happy again.
So I was.

To add insult to injury - later in the day I got my period (for the 3rd time since I got here - sorry lads) so I guess that'll change some blood numbers tomorrow too.  DAMN STRESS.    The whole period thing is not uncommon so I'm just rolling with it.  Hopefully will be gone by tomorrow we've both decided (as we do).

So after his visit I went and sat out in the lounge and read etc.  Then a massive group of newbies came up...with PIZZA!  An Aussie girlfriend I have met before is here now along with a beautiful contingent!  Much like my start - some have started chemo today, some just finished testing, some about to start Steroids...a couple with their Vlad's in...etc!

It was SSOOOOOOOO great to chat and share time with this group.  Yet another outstanding group of POSITIVE, GRATEFUL, HUMBLE beautiful people. I am blessed beyond measure.

They bought me a supply of goodies (which there is no way I will get through before I leave NEXT WEDNESDAY!!!)  But OMG - Kit Kats, M&M's Lays Chips, Milka chocolate ... HEAVEN.  So thank you gang!  I'll leave (anything) I have left with Kim!! Unless I can cram it in my luggage of course!!!!  :)

After a while, the gang went shopping at the markets so I headed back to my room and rung mum and dad, Andy, Pipes etc.  Read my book, dozed, packed my bag again....emailed....a nice afternoon and I'm far calmer than yesterday.

So today here it is Friday night.....and I just realised I leave on WEDNESDAY at noon.....4.5 days!  How on earth did that happen!!!

I am determined to fully enjoy every last morsel of this experience and these amazing amazing, amazing people for every last second I have .  Crap - I may even need to get this ugly pimple head in some photo's.  UGH. 

My legs are currently 10 times weaker than when I walked in here WITH MS (SO BAD) but I might see if someone can wheel me outside tomorrow and I also want to get to the ATM in the next building. 

I don't know if you saw but I shared an article on the FB page about this and the absolute hammering I have put my body through.  Between God, Dr F and team Russia I have the most calm, strong, indescribable faith that this has stopped my MS dead in in tracks and I WILL see improvements in time.  I have no question in my mind in that. 

Okay - gotta go - there's a Kit Kat calling my name next to hot cuppa tea!

Oh - something about footy....something,  something ....Go SUNS!  :) XXX

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