Wednesday, 21 October 2015


Today marks my 1 month transplant 'anniversary' or "Day +30" since my new stem cells were returned to my body!

I thought I would document how I'm going ... mostly so that in 6 months time I can look back and see how far I've come!!  :)

I have been back in Australia for 14 days.  Wow!  How quickly time flies! 

I initially came back and in the first few days home I had cleaned out my bathroom cupboards and drawers of all my old make-up, creams etc; I'd cleaned out my daughters wardrobe and drawers of clothes that no longer fit; caught up on all my washing and ironing; tidied up the spare room; etc...

I was told by fellow HSCT'ers to SLOW DOWN and REST.  Apparently doing WAYYYY to much!  And just to prove a point - today has seen me spend the entire morning in tired!

I now concentrate on 1 job a day and try to rest as much as possible.  I've set up camp for myself on the couch and worked on my 'couch-groove' (think Homer Simpson)...some days I feel really great, some days I am so so tired (like today).  Sleep patterns are all over the shop too - I understand from the different medications still in my body which will slowly work themselves out.

I've been very spoilt with meals so far - with mum, my sisters and friends donating meals for us!  Particularly handy when Andy went to Tough Mudder last weekend or on days like today when I'm just shattered.

I have not left home since I got here!  I will go for an appointment with my GP tomorrow to get blood results (had bloods done at home earlier this week) and a catch up....but otherwise I've been in lockdown.  Depending on what my GP says, I might take mum for a coffee somewhere quiet...wouldn't that be nice!!

If these bloods come back 'normal' I'm also going to ask if I can do the school run (not getting out of the car) or some other little job(s).  I'm also keen to start physio but I expect that is some weeks away.

("REST Mary, REST")!

Through friends here (thanks Tars/Nikki), Dad has organised a stationery bike for home and so I'm keen to use that even for 5 mins each day.  Hopefully this builds up some muscle and isn't too taxing on my body.

My symptoms at the moment aren't great.  To me - my legs feel weaker than before I left but if I'm truly honest with myself and think about how they were when I left...they are probably much the same as just before Russia - otherwise only marginally worse.  It's super frustrating but, reading a lot of other blogs and files on the HSCT forum, this is completely normal so I am trying to relax about it.  REST is the best thing I can do for myself...

I can't really say if other minor symptoms have change or nothing else other than my legs, was really that bad.  Bladder urgency was a problem (sorry readers!) but because I'm just at home, I couldn't tell you if that's improved or not....

I do know I still can't handle the heat well as I was sitting out in the sun on Monday and by the time I came in, it was very, very hard to walk.

I have had a few visitors and will slowly accept more.  Mum and Dad come by regularly, my sisters have been up, my in-laws and my darling best friend from here in the Mount.  I've also seen a good friend from work and my neighbour popped over for a chat on the grass last weekend.  I haven't worn a mask yet for visitors but Piper has a bad cough so am wearing around her at the moment :( 
My haematologist said it is more important to have good hand cleanliness, hygiene (and don't hug/kiss everyone) so I'm concentrating on that...

So that's month 1 done and done.  Nothing ground-breaking to report and just recovery and REST.  BUT super-optimistic for the next few months. 

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