Thursday, 10 September 2015


Saying goodbye to Piper and Andy was horrific.  Piper just broke my heart.  God I hope I'm doing the right thing!  Too late for doubts now though.

My flight from Adel to Dubai was fine.  Sat next to a man doing fly in/fly out to Omar and a girl going o/s for 2 years.  Both lovely.  Nothing exciting to report.

It was a 13 hr flight and I didn’t feel like I slept but I must have as it seemed to go quite quick.  I watched 2 movies and not much else.

Dubai airport was insane.  So big and, while I’m sure they knew what they were doing, we were left a little in the lurch (me and the elderly that is).  I was wheeled to a drop off point and just left there.  Then a cart eventually rounded me and the elderly up and drove to the next stop.  Then we had to get off and walk through the metal detectors and into a massive lobby area where we waited to catch a train. 

From here we had to walk to another collection point (I wasn’t coping well by now) and then sent off on carts again.  Two more carts later, I was left in a holding area for disabled people for about an hour while they held onto my Boarding pass!  Again, I was then popped on a cart and taken to my gate.  I still had to walk to the gate etc which sounds like nothing but I was shattered.  Lesson here – pack light with carry on!

Hopefully my return journey is not the same as I’ll be masked up etc.

The 5 hr flight to Moscow was again fine.  And when I got to the airport there was a man waiting at the door of the plane with a wheelchair who took me to get luggage; through customs (so easy) and out to the arrivals hall.  Alexei was there with a sign waiting for me and he took me to Vega which is where I am now.  I don’t go into hospital until 1pm (it’s around 10am now I think).

I slept okay but I’m not going to try to sight see etc as I’m pretty shattered and just want to get to the hospital to get started. 

Moscow is enormous!  There is so much forest all around and I'm told it holds no animals (I'm sure there's a squirrel or two but no bears, deer etc).  I think I've only seen the outskirts of Moscow as the city centre was closed for Moscow's 868th Birthday celebrations!   The hotel is fine but nothing glamourous.  Certainly fine for a night.

So that’s it so far.  Nothing major to report.  I feel fine.  Not stressed or anything.  It's all a little surreal. 
I'm just keen to get started now.  And get home.

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