Saturday, 19 September 2015


WHAT will today bring..... I'm already apprehensive about feeling crap but the girls here tell me each day can be totally let's see...

I had a horrible night really.  After dinner I felt crap again so was in bed by 8pm.  By about 2am I was awake feeling nauseous and bloated and just bleugh.  I rode it out til morning though and was hooked up again at 10am sharp. 

I have no appetite and you can probably tell my 'spark' is a little diluted...but I just feel SO tired.

So the day has been spent lying on the bed ... pretty much all day long!!!! So unproductive but I couldn't muscle the energy to do much else!! 

The other girls here assure me this is short term and hey - 4 days of crap for a life without problems.

I had a beautiful chat with Piper today and she sent me a prayer and pictures so I felt HEAPS better (again quite teary though) about that.  Her, Andy, my Mum and Dad and one of my sister's and her family are enjoying a day down the beach....nice.

AND....On the upside....1 day of Chemo to go!!  Then a day's rest (with a head shave me thinks) .... then TRANSPLANT DAY! 

1 day to go....we got this.

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