Thursday, 10 September 2015


Today is a little bit of a nothing day…and yet it is a big day because I get the Green Light to go ahead with treatment!

I have spent the morning learning how to do this blog, tidying my room etc.  Very uneventful morning.
As always, Anastasia has popped her head in to make sure all is okay as had Dr Fedorenko.  He is just doing the rounds with the transplant patients and then will come see me to go over test results.  He has already indicated that things are good so it’s a little bit of an anti-climax but I am keen to know results of things like MRI’s as my last one said I had no active or enhancing lesions and yet, since that time my right leg has deteriorate quite badly…like, really badly.
My hope is that this will be reversed by HSCT even though that is not the promise of HSCT.  The procedure only ever claims to HALT the disease but my hope…my enormous hope….is that these new symptoms will disappear and I will see some improvement….great improvement.
I know I shouldn’t think like this but it is so hard not to when you see the results of other patients.
I have just had a meeting with (my hero) Dr Fedorenko!  OMG He is an amazing Doctor!  He spent probably an hour with me explaining the results of all my tests and showing me the MRI’s etc.  He confirmed that I am in normal health….other than having MS. 

He thoroughly went through the procedure, the background, the science, the research and so on.  Things that stick in my head are that he said he treats the patient – not the disease.  Every patient is different and must be treated with love – that’s the key.  Between his team and my team, we predict 100% success of stopping this damn disease….and I’m going for improvements too.  I can assure you…I’ve been called a lot of things I’m sure but I am NOT a quitter and DETERMINED to the bone to beat the crapper out of this disease.  Between Dr F, my faith, my friends and family and my own dogged determination, I got this.
So, tomorrow I start with injections to stimulate  the Stem Cells.

This afternoon I went and sat in the lounge area with 2 Aussie girls and some of the Carers (husbands and wife) of patients.  It was so great to chat and listen to the amazing stories of these people…we all have one thing in common – we refuse to be beaten!
It was a lovely afternoon, eating Pizza that someone brought in, talking, laughing….what an amazing group of people.  I’m kind of tagging onto the end of their journey but they are so welcoming, kind, interesting and lovely. 

One girl from yesterday’s transplant group has already gone into isolation as her levels have dropped to the required level! 
How professional this operation is!
I have this disease (for another 10 or so days) but how truly blessed I am.


  1. You are amazing Mary. They are welcoming because you are such a beautiful person. What goes around comes around.

  2. You are amazing Mary. They are welcoming because you are such a beautiful person. What goes around comes around.