Thursday, 10 September 2015


So - how it works is you need to pass testing before they will commence the procedure on you.  If you don't pass - you go home.  Game Over.  I only know of 1 Aussie who has not passed testing so I should be fine but you just can't help but worry after investing so much (financially, mentally etc) in this.  Talk about putting all your eggs in one basket!!

I woke around 5.30am this morning – trying not to be nervous!  At around 7am a young nurse came in and took swabs of my mouth, nose and butt…yes. Butt.
Then Anastasia came in around 8am and took me across the hall for blood tests.  All very similar to Australia.  Lots of blood taken but not unfamiliar at all so all fine.
From here I was back in my room for a little bit before being collected for an Ultrasound of my kidney’s and lungs and then an internal examination which is always lovely.  I was sure I was going to pee myself!  (Sorry readers...just keeping it real).
Next was a breathing test, followed by an X-Ray of my heart and sinuses.
Back to my room for a few minutes before I was collected again for a line to be put in my arm for the MRI contrast and then taken up for MRI's of my brain and spine.
I think that I just have an eye test to go but not 100% sure.
Anastasia was with me for most of it and she’s such a comfort.  The other nurses etc are lovely also.  They are mostly non-English speaking so that's a little tricky if you have questions but Anastasia is all other everything so I don't feel like I'm lost of unaware of what's going on.  I'd say they're pretty used to Aussies by now!
I’m not sure what the afternoon will involve for me now.  I have just had "2nd breakfast" delivered (and for today's entertainment it is a cold boiled egg, steak and 4 stewed apples)so I'll have a go at that then I guess I kick back again. 
For anyone ready this preparing to come...I'm only very new here but there is a LOT of down time so be prepared for that!  I am spending today trying to catch up on this blog, reading, colouring)!
Tomorrow they will move me to the 3rd level (which is actually where isolation etc is but they have said it is easier to move me there than to move me tomorrow and then again after chemo.  I'm happy about this as I understand there are Aussies on level 3!
I’ve talked to Mum and Dad, Piper and Andy on FaceTime which is a godsend!
Anastasia just came in and now I’m being taken for an Ultrasound of my legs.  Talk about thorough (I love it)!  It’s better to be busy doing something than just sitting here….I’m sure I’ll change my mind when the big stuff starts happening but for now it’s good to be out and about even if just for  testing.
I am being ferried around in a wheelchair a fair bit which is great but also so frigging frustrating.  My legs are not coping great.   Probably no more than normal but it feels really obvious here for some reason.  However, everyone is great and it doesn’t appear a huge problem so of course I’m just going with it. 
The underground system in the Hospital is amazing!  The hospital is about (I guess) 4 or 5 buildings for different departments.  You can hop in the lift and go underground to the basement and it's a mouse run of hallways all joining up to the different buildings!  All fully tiled etc.  Pretty cool

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