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Hi all.  This blog will a little different because....well, let's be has pretty much been a carbon copy of yesterday except that rather than writing in Russian, I've been writing in Messenger. 

The Wi-Fi is playing up (how rude) but I'll have a bash at my update.

I may update again later depending on boredom levels!!


I was up 1/2 the night worrying about this as I had things racing through my head after 'chatting' with a fellow HSCTer.   I was talking about visitors that we have coming, and dogs, and travel etc.  We were discussing what 'others can be carrying unbeknownst to them' which in fact can be lethal for us. 

All of you have (I suspect) strong immune systems and/or have been vaccinated to protect you from all sorts of things.  BUT this doesn't mean that you can't be a carrier and thus, putting a little fledging like me, at risk.

I have friends and family who are travelling to remote areas and 3rd world places in the holidays and, to be honest, this is the major thing scares the bejesus out of me. 

Kids get sick and Piper will be around kids....

We all have animals. 

So a couple of rules that I think I can safety express here:

1) No flowers.  No dust/pollen etc allowed in house...whimper.  Chocolate and coffee and fine though.
2) If you have been around sick people or have a sniffle...PLEASE don't visit.
3) Sick kids?  Yours or others - PLEASE don't visit.
4) If you have been around communities that carry sickness (3rd world; hospitals; remote communities and the like), even if you feel fit as a Malley Bull, please visit another time - because YOUR immune system is strong while mine is in it's infancy.  You could be carrying something that is critical for me - but harmless to you.
5) If you have pets/animals that may have been subject to same - either at a dog park, in caravan parks, around sick kids or have been around other dogs...can they please not visit (nor visit with our dog).  Our poor puss has been relegated outside too as cats are renowned for being filthy!  Poor Puss!
5a) If you have been handling animals, also bear this in mind.  A house dog might be fine but one that has been sociable may have picked up something from his/her mate...again, unbeknownst to you but no good for me.  Basil has had all his shots and needs to avoid other dogs too....which sucks with the new dog park in town!!
6) Hand sanitiser is key in our you enter, after the loo, using the iPad, etc! 
7) Shoes off in the house..for Andy's sake as much as mine!  We have a lot of floor space to keep clean!
8) I can't eat fresh fruit or veg (salad) - can you believe it - and everything needs to be microwaved to kill the bacteria.
9) No need to come over to clean my house or cook me meals.  I have to sterilise everything so I may as well do myself .... and I have 24 hours to kill each day.  I'm sure Mum and my sisters will lend a hand at times - but no chemicals etc in house and I have a great cleaning system (Norwex) and food is going to be a learning curb for us all.  Although I don't think we'd turn away a good lasagne, roast or casserole! (coming into summer - sheesh)!
9) Andy and Pipes will probably like/need a hug every now and then.  They've been amazing.   But again - only if you're not sick!
10)  Trust me!  I am NOT trying to keep you away but I am quite nervous about the 'no-immune' system especially in the early days. 

I feel a bit of a bully but I'd rather put it out there and be safe rather than sorry.  I've heard of several patients that have ended up in critical condition on their return, just because they thought doing 1 little thing would be okay.   I can think of 2 that ended up in hospital for quite a prolonged time after only 1 week home.

I'm nervous about the flight (although I'm told business class is lush) - I'm nervous about eating on the plane - I'm nervous about animals and sick kids from school - I'm nervous about lots of my friends and family who have been travelling in Central Australia, Bali, Thailand.

I just want to hug and kiss my family when I get home and I don't know how I'm not going to do that when I see Pipes, Andy, Mum and Dad....but we all know the rules....

Thank you in advance. 
Anyone that knows me, please feel free to ask me questions. 

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