Friday, 18 September 2015


Before I begin....I feel it's necessary to paint a picture I type this I feel good.  Normal.  All is well in the land of....well, Wonka me thinks.  It has become apparent to me over past 2 days that maybe...MAYBE....I am morphing into Violet Beuregarde from Willy Wonka.  She's the one that chews gums and swells into a lovely blueberry ball !!

I knew this could be on the cards, so it wasn't surprising...and yet it is!  My ankles, as previously mentioned, continue to be swollen to about the same size as my knees!  I sleep with them raised so by morning they're down a bit but, damn it if they don't come back with a vengeance around 11am! 

Today I've noticed that my FACE is now joining ranks.  I remember as a kid that I was called moonface...I think because of my shock of white hair cut in a bowl cut (thanks Mum) around a naturally round face...and that persona has taken hold again....

If I'm honest I would say it doesn't suit me (anyone that knows me, knows I'm all about being lean)...but looking for the wrinkles are disappearing with each puff of bloatedness (word?) the glass 1/2 full...that's a good thing!  :)

I tell ya - the steroid bloat; no fake nails; about to lose my hair; no make up; and I lose my contacts.....this ain't for the faint hearted people!!  At least you all know I'm glowing on the inside where all the good work is happening!!   MS is only days away from being eradicated!  How cool is that!

Faith, family, friendships, community, support, love.....that'll make me pretty...right....RIGHT......was that a tumbleweed..... :)

So Day 2 of Chemo is DONE.  I must admit - I felt CRAP afterwards.  Headachy and nauseous.  Not nice.  BUT 1/2 way with Chemo - 2 down - 2 to go you gotta be happy with that!  And the nurses are quick with medication once you speak up so the lesson here is ...don't try and tough it out. 

I've never pee'd so much with all the fluids they run through you.   I was up every 2 hours and all throughout the day....doesn't help with a good night's sleep!

I rang Andy and Piper (too late) and she wouldn't talk (too tired) so I ended up quite teary with that phone call.  My own fault - I should have rung earlier but was flat out on the bed!  Doh! The difference between being this side and that side of the phone....

One of the Carer's has just bought me Chicken Chips - so - as with a 'usual' hangover ... I feel so much better eating a bit of fat and grease!!!  Bliss!! 

2 of the Aussie girls that were in isolation have been allowed out today so it's been GREAT chin-wagging with them again!!  Certainly brings some light to an otherwise quiet day!! 

Well ... grubs up so I guess that's it for today.....Russia HSCT HQ out...

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