Monday, 14 September 2015


I'm a day late with Sunday's updated as it was a day much the same as Saturday  - but I want to log each day for myself in the future.
Sleep is challenging, especially with the 11pm and 3am shots!  I've heard from all the others that we are all suffering the same in that respect - we think a side-effect of the steroids.

So - I plucked out my newly acquired chest hair and benched 150kg...nah...I had the infusion around 10am and then fluffed around from Breakie #2 to Lunch.

After this I went into the lounge area to get my fix of Aussie / USA positivity and chat with 'the gang' of Russia HSCT HQ.

I chatted with one of 'our' ladies getting ready to go in to Isolation as she, oh so patiently, waited to be locked up!  She was one of the 4 who celebrated their transplant together and all the others are in Isolation now.  It's funny but I think it's actually something you really WANT to happen, as just WAITING for that next phase must be excruciating! 

So sadly - all but 2 of the posse are either in shut down or LEAVING!!! :(

I spent the evening last night chatting with my PPMS team-mate who will be leaving for Australia Tuesday.  Talk about inspirational!  I found him awe inspiring to listen to and watch and he (unbeknownst to him) has been such an inspiration and gift to me with this journey.  And his carer is just the most incredibly kind, giving, selfless, amazing lady that I could have possibly hoped to meet. 

This group has been phenomenal for me and has certainly set me going in the right direction!!  Blessed beyond measure by each and everyone of them!

Anyhoo - I sat up last night listening to PPMS man and his amazing life story.  There were tears, laughter, cursing....just your usual Sunday night banter! 

Sleep still eludes me and I was too nervous to take the sleeping tablet as they make me feel bleugh so I struggled through another broken night...but all good!  Neck catheter in tomorrow so another tick off the page!

Feeling blessed beyond measure to be here, with these people at this time.

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