Friday, 11 September 2015


You would thing it would be more spectacular...or nerve wracking...but no.  All pretty calm and normal for Team Russia.

I started today with a Steroid infusion.  The nurse just hooked me up with a needle in my arm stressing DO NOT MOVE.  Easy.  I took a photo with my free arm (as you do) and laid back listening to a meditation app.  Piece of cake.

After 20 minutes I rang for the nurse as the infusion had finished.  She came STRAIGHT in (so efficient) and looked at the needle and said ...YOU MOVED!!!  "No No - I did not".  YES. YOU DID.   My arm had a bulge at the needle point.  She said it wasn't a problem but to do better tomorrow.  Lesson learnt.  No photo's.  Oopsy! 

All fine in the end .  She wasn't angry (at all) but was just concerned it had hurt me (which it hadn't).

So that's it now until 11pm tonight when the give me an injection to stimulate the stem cells..hereon called Stemmies! :)  I have cleaned my room (Brydie - roll your eyes here), done some exercises, caught up on emails; read my book, had my 2 breakfasts (the food deserves a blog of it's own). 

I sat out in the lounge area for a little bit just for a change of scenery and chatted with one of the Aussie patients and one of the carers.  I adore them.  The carer has spoilt us all silly and comes in every day laden with bags of goodies for her hubby, the other patients and her new grandie!  She's brilliant (as is everyone). 

I just had a FaceTime call from one of my besties which is SO good for the soul.  She makes me laugh...a lot.  I can't imagine doing this without FaceTime; Messenger; Facebook; email etc!  Just seeing people from home makes everyone feel close.

Perhaps that's why I'm coping so well.  Great people here, great people home.  Totally and securely surrounded by love, laughter and togetherness...

Well - Lunch has just been served and I don't think I'll have too much to report on this afternoon so I might leave it here for today.  Tomorrow will be the same as  today so I might use the day to blog on my dining experience.  I NEED to work out how to upload photo's before then!!   It's one to tune in for I'm sure!  :)

Steroid muncher (for 3 more days) over and out.

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