Monday, 21 September 2015


Today I still woke a little 'seedy' and had an ordinary night (but nothing on the night before).  Lots of weird dreams and awake times playing havoc with my sleep one stage I was on a pirate ship and then I was reciting a poem for ...somebody.   I don't think I actually got to BE a pirate but....weird, weird, weird. 

They are pumping that many fluids and medications through me that no wonder my brain is a little water logged!

Anyway - today was my much anticipated REST DAY...AHHhhhh.  As you may have seen, the day was incredible - 22 degrees, sunny, slight breeze.  I managed about 1/2 an hour out in the sun which was absolute bliss.  I would have stayed longer had nature not called (calls ALL the time - again with all these fluids being pumped through).  BUT it was great. 

My walking was weaker than normal (disappointing?) but I guess that's to be expected considering I haven't walked farther than the lounge (which is about 10 metres away) since I got in.  The confidence was a little shot!!  Another patient is also quite weak after isolation so I'm taking it as normal. 

I was doing exercises each night but the Chemo kinda put a stop to that - will start again come Isolation time! 

After my outdoor jaunt, I rang Andy/Piper (having beautiful steak dinner at one of my sister's houses) and then mum and dad. 

Then I went out to chat with a fellow patient before she started her final 5 hour infusion!  The 3 girls I've met and been chatting with all had this infusion today which is the FINAL step before discharge (well, apart from having the line removed from their necks tomorrow)! 

I fluffed around, read, cleaned...waiting for someone to call me for the shave!!

At 4pm the other girls (and one of the carer hubby's) all emerged so we had a great chat, comparing notes, families, schools, kids...and a little bit of MS-FREE life too.  Really great bunch.

They informed me that I actually have to ask to have my head shaved!  Doh!  It was late in  the day but I caught Anastasia and she said they can do in the morning for, GREAT.  She just said don't worry - tomorrow is a CELEBRATION!!!! 

So, after gas-bagging and comparing hair stories, we all left for dinner.  I then tidied my bags, ready for them to be taken away in a couple of days (not allowed in Isolation).

So - it really was a rest day and I'm glad for it.  I feel good again - got some sun - had a laugh etc.  Tomorrow will be the head shave and then sometime in the afternoon will be...TRANSLANT TIME!!  This my friends, is my new MS-FREE BIRTHDAY (or Day 0)!

It blows my mind to think about!  Here we are....on the eve of NO-MORE-MS.
Cakes, chocolate and lemonade around 4pm tomorrow!!
Crap - doubt I'll sleep much tonight either!!! 

See you for the celebrations tomorrow!

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