Thursday, 24 September 2015


I had a perfectly reasonable evening after spending yesterday afternoon working on speech for my little sis.  I had my ...100% vodka alcohol wash...gargled....watched a quite well.

7.30am is the first infusion for the day.  The day is broken up by the nurse's visits, 'food' deliveries; Dr F visit, Anastasia popping her head in, etc.  All the girls say "Good morning" but it doesn't go much further than that, other than Dr F, Anastasia, Eirena and I hang for their shifts!

Official stats for today are that everything is still dropping (which is what should be happening).  For those playing at home: Haemoglobin 88; Leukocytes 0.33; Platelets 96.  All jibber-jabber to me but I can see what I need to get back to before I'm released so hopefully with good behaviour, all the numbers will turn within a week.....but who knows!

I get a feeling that my temp might be a little high for them as they've checked this quite a few times today and Dr F just called in to say they will check it again at 6pm; 8pm and 10pm.  I've had a sneaky go myself and it's sitting around 36.8 which I thought was okay....but maybe not!  I feel fine - if not a little weak and lazy...

My day has been filled reading, meditating, colouring, facebooking, talking to mum and dad, dozing and eating.  OMG I am not designed for this.  I have started stalking my work email to see if there is anything I can do, but with school holiday's starting next week - even that's going to go cold! 

I have downloaded an exercise app (just 7 mins of planks, walls sits, push ups, lunges and stuff like that) so that will hit the agenda too.  Any good games I should download??  I've tried playing the Trivial Pursuit app; Sudoko and brain trainer games on the iPad but ....seriously boring as bat stuff.

Well - talk about a ray of sunshine!!  Just as I was typing this I got a call from my BFF Jodie and my sister-from-another-mister Simone!   Calling all the way from Bali!!  HOW AWESOME IS TECHNOLOGY!!!   I got to giggle at their bartering prowess and pedicure story while they in turn complimented by bad-ass head....(which incidentally I still hate and can't look at - no comments required)...

So great chatting....SO great.  Love these girls.  What strong, crazy women we are!  Hear us Roar!

Just before I sign off I guess I should document "how am I feeling"....I feel...Fine. Good.  Positive. 
I still can't quite get my head around the fact that I NO LONGER HAVE MS but I feel supported, happy, calm...yeah - good.
Without question I'm a little bored...a little tired....but I don't think they're classed as feelings.

I think that's it for now....I'm quite involved in my book so might read that until dinner than throw on some movie or something. 

I have an app on my phone that says HOME is 13 days away....How freaking awesome is that!!!  C'mon Stemmies / Bloods - do your thing!!

Day 1.5 done and dusted....Boo-Yeah.

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