Tuesday, 29 September 2015


So the days are slowly moving along and each day is a day closer to release .. and HOME,

Today begun the same as before.  Awake WAY too early, infusion at 7am, find things to fill the day....

Today I tried to rest a fair bit...read on the bed...looked at Ezibuy catalogues online and did a bit of Christmas shopping.   I also organised accommodation for my first night in Adelaide before I get to return home.  Spoke with Mum, my little sister and Andy as my hair started falling out around me....sigh.

All other hair has left or is in the process of leaving.  Strangely (and thank God) my eyelashes and eyebrows remain intact.  Curious and Curiouser....

Dr F came to see me mid-morning with my blood results.  We are both in good moods and he's just a card.  He took my blood pressure, had a chat, listen to my heart...chat....I said "SOOoooooo - what are our numbers????"  He laughed, pretended to drop the paper, couldn't find his pen, mucked around with the blood pressure machine some more and then filled in numbers for Platelets (185) and Haemoglobin (99) ...both important buy Leukocytes is what I'm interested in.  He started laughing and I drummed on the table....commenting that Russian's are NOT funny.  He disagreed completely.

What an anti-climax!  My numbers was still low 0.85 (remember normal is 4-10) but had gone up from 0.32 yesterday so that's significant.

He explained that it is rising well and as such, it could be possible for me to sit in the lounge tomorrow and then maybe outside on Thursday!  He said it is not uncommon for numbers to now jump to over 2 or 3 overnight now that engraftment is occurring!!

Woop Woop! 
So all going to plan - I may be able to sit out in the lounge tomorrow arvy!  Small victory but how exciting all the same!
There are other Aussies, a Kiwi, Canadian, Americans, Norwegian...plus of course Russians so how exciting! 

So now it's only 3.40 but I'm just going to try chill for the day.....I watched a movie yesterday arvy so will do the same.  Easily kills a couple of hours !

So hopefully tomorrow I can report from out of the dog house!!  Not that it's been bad by any means but it'll be so nice to listen and chat with others rather than sing badly to myself!!

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