Friday, 25 September 2015


Well, because the mornings start so early....the days go for a VERY long time!  Plus last night I was messenging a girlfriend on the Gold Coast and then Piper got online around midnight my time....OOopsy.

Anyway - Olga (my favourite nurse) was here last night and she popped in at 6.30am (!!) for infusion 1 for the day....all fine and normal/expected now.  Mind you - it's very hard to go back to sleep once you've had 1-2 litres of fluids pumped through your awake I was.

Lucky for me - I had been given a 'job' overnight (with a couple more potential 'jobs' lined up) so I got to work on my VERY SLOW computer doing this.  It was super satisfying.  However I feel I was done by breakie #2...Oops. 

I do have 'real work' that I can do but the connection is so slow here that it can wait until I'm back in Australia and homebound.

I can't believe I have only about 12 days left til I fly home!!  That's NOTHING!!

My levels today are still going down.  Dr F expects they'll turn around Monday....fingers crossed.  Info for the experts is:  Haemoglobin: 86  Leucolytes: 0.24  Platelets 90.   All fine I'm told.  My temperature is playing up a little and this arvy crept up to 37.1 but after a lay down and drink it was back to 36.8 so not sure what's up with that.  They're monitoring all the time (as am I almost every hour) so it's all good.  It'll just mean an infusion of antibiotics I think if it goes over 37.5.

So this afternoon was spent you know what - I have no idea.  I was on the computer for a bit....played some brain teaser for a bit....talked to Mum, Andy and Piper and here we are at dinner time!  Sweet.  Another day done.

I'm bypassing tonight's dinner for a stash of fried rice a fellow patient left me...I just can't come at the buckwheat today....

So...other than BORED ... I'm good.  Still happy, supported, comfortable, etc.  I'm quite weak today but Dr F says that's because of the dropping Leukocytes so all good. 

Time for dinner, cuppa, alcohol wash, gargle, bed.   Let's see where tomorrow takes us!

Sorry - boring day leads to boring post.....

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