Thursday, 17 September 2015


Again ... you would think an event such as this might attract a bit of fanfare but no...all in a day's work here at Russia HSCT HQ!   Everyone very calm and efficient as always.

I must admit, I haven't really been apprehensive about this part of the process ... as it doesn't involve sticking needles half way down my body...and was virtually 'reading over it' on my daily schedule!  Actually - in all honesty - nothing has got me truly worried at all....forums and research are wonderful things (even this morning I watched a video of a fellow patient having his transplant so I even know what that looks like)!


With thanks to Olga who gave me an injection of pain killers last night, I slept surprisingly well and woke with minimal pain in my neck. 

Dr F was first on the scene giving me an outline of the day and what to expect from the Chemo.  Everything in it.   At about 11am Valva came in with the chemo and hooked me up and that was it.  It took about an hour or so and then, job done.

Anastasia was here with me at the finish of the chemo and she explained tablets, drinks, etc for me. 

I feel SOOOOO lethargic but other than that, no complaints.  I've had something to eat and drink and I'm trying to rouse myself out of bed...I don't feel nauseous but I'm definitely 'fuzzy' trying to walk out to the lounge with my computer and a drink does not seem wise right at this minute!

Just called home but Pipes could barely get to the phone she was so busy with Mum and Dad's dog...sigh....

Will wait for lunch then venture out to the lounge for a change of scenery....

No picture today but rest assured I'm still smiling! :)   Same process for the next 3 days ... gearing up for TRANSPLANT DAY....aka NO MORE MS DAY!!!!

Ugh... so TIRED!  Surely it's close to 8.30pm??!!   :)

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