Thursday, 10 September 2015


Well I woke at around 3am which is becoming a bit of a habit.  I’m not anxious so I’m putting it down to jet lag.  I dozed on and off until about 8am and got up, did make up and hair, got dressed etc.  I’m not sick so no need for PJ's (good advice from Jane – another HSCTer).

The food here is a constant source of entertainment for me.  For 1st breakie I had porridge which is really nice, along with a cold boiled egg – also fine.  2nd breakie was another 4 stewed apples and a yoghurt.  I’ve passed on the apples so far but I now know what to do with them - either dip or mush into the yoghurt!  Lunch was (I think) the dreaded Ox Tongue …although I’m still not sure!  WHAT THE HELL!  Luckily there was a fishy soup and mashed potato so I just left the tongue …thing.  Ain't no way.   Honestly – it's funny so long as I don’t have to eat it!  Bleugh!  Dinner was … Porridge! J  Which is actually really yummy so no complaints!
Anyway…today saw me go for a Heart Ultrasound and then an Eye test.  The Eye test was surprising as one of my eyes has deteriorated to -3.00 (usually -2.75) and also there is damage to an optic nerve (that apparently vitamins will fix).  That was the one test I wasn’t worried about at all so it was surprising to find something amiss!  They are so efficient and thorough here.  Super impressive.
Dr Fedorenko dropped in to tell me that all tests looked normal and we would be good to go starting Friday but we will have an ‘official meeting’ tomorrow to go over all results.  So I think it’s safe to say I’m on my way!
The rest of the morning was filled with chatting with people on Facebook, FaceTime or Messenger!  At about 2.30pm I was moved up to Level 3 which is much better.  I’m in a room that is all ready for isolation.  I’ve stuck up pictures and cards and will continue to do so over the next couple of days (to give me something to do)!  It’s too traumatic reading all the lovely things from everyone to open all at once…and I want to drag out the sweet agony!! J
An ex-boss that I was Messaging mentioned to me today that I should write abut how I’m feeling but in all honesty I don’t know!  I don’t know that I’m nervous (although I’m sure I’ll wet my 'adult nappy' on the day(s) when you have to stay still for 5 hours which will worry me).  I know I’ll be nervous when they at putting in the lines in my neck; and shaving my head; and the transplant procedure but so far…it doesn’t even feel real!  So I am blissfully unconcerned I think. 
Today I met 2 Aussies ladies and a Norwegian girl (and the Russian girl from Day 1) who all had their transplants today and so therefore their new birthdays!  I got to join in on their party which was great! 
There was about 10 of us there including the 4 girls, carers (both of the girls and other patients in isolation) and Dr F and Anastasia.  It was so good to chat to people!  Hooray!  All this alone time doesn’t really work for me!
It was so fabulous to see these girls and hear of their experiences and see that they all came out well!  All had different stories about heavy chests; low blood pressure (that’ll be me for sure); difficulty breathing; metal taste in mouth and so on but it’s good to know and Dr F and Anastasia are right there watching and reacting to everything.  I'll ask one of the girls today how long the transplant takes so I've got that in my head.
I got to meet a lady (another South Aussie) who is the carer of a man in solation.  Her name is Betty and she's gorgeous!   She's been doing shopping for patients and is so helpful!  Hopefully she will get me a Babushka doll or 10 this week at the market! 
After the party, I came back to my room for said dinner (porridge) then ‘decorated’ my room with cards and photo’s.  I love reading what the Dragon Boaters wrote, my work colleagues and other friends from the Gold Coast.  VERY humbling to say the least.  I can’t believe they truly think this stuff about me!
I'll finish my book and probably succumb to another episode of Orange is the new Black!  Hauntingly addictive but I’m dreaming/comparing to my stay here to the show!!  (no - not the lesbian love affairs or the violence....but the isolation).  Madness.  That’s what happens when you watch 12 episodes in 2 days!

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