Wednesday, 23 September 2015


I had a very productive night emailing and reading work emails, thinking of all the things that Andy, Mum, Dad and Mons can do before my return (cleaning; shopping, etc)!    I'm fairly confident that 2am isn't the ideal time to do this but my mind was racing so I went with it!

Quite funny as it turns out that one of the Aussie girls here was online by 3am and joined by the Norwegian girl for coffee by 4am!   So it's not just me! 

My levels plummeted overnight (for the experts: Hemo 90; Leukocytes 0.73; Platelets 117) and as such, I got moved into Isolation today.  I will remain in here until my levels creep back up to normal and we can see that the stem cells have engrafted back into my system.  Could take 6 days...could take 16 - we don't know.  The Aussie girls were both done in 6 days but the Norwegian girl took 11 (and was on the verge of crazy)!!  BUT she has gone home today while the Aussies are still here so it all comes out in the wash!  (sorry - confusing from across the waves I'm sure)!

So....I managed quick goodbyes this morning before I was put into lockdown!  My room has been cleaned.  I am no longer allowed to use my toothbrush (just gargle) and I need to wash my body with ...100% vodka.  So that's interesting!!  :)

My bags have all been taken but I'm left with food, colouring stuff and electrical stuff so it will be fine.  I am going to work out a routine for myself I think.  I have a yoga app and an exercise app that I will do....maybe colour....pray/ a movie anyway.  I don't cope well with just 'time'....I need to be organised.  (work people - if you need proofreading done...:))  Sorry/NOT sorry I can't help out with the filing!

I can't get Pandora here in Russia but I've got (very glitchy) iTunes so I have music also. 

So yes - I'm in my bubble so can't tell you much more. I have been allowed to leave 'my wall' up (they just had to spray it) and all my photo's so I'm happy about that.  They all love my room and I thought what I did was 'the norm'....turns out not so!

Right now I'm going to try and do a speech for my little that should eat up the afternoon.  As a trade she's going to make me roast veggies when I get home!  (I'm pretty confident that makes me the winner this time round)!

See you tomorrow from 'the Cell' ! 

Who knows how random these will get from now on!!! 

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