Thursday, 10 September 2015


Today I was allowed a little sleep in after Piper face timed me at 1.40am my time!!   Check out in Russia is at midday (how civil) so I lounged around in bed for a bit, then facebooked, tried the 7 minute exercise routine and some yoga (somewhat unsuccessfully) and stuff like that. 

I got myself down to the reception (dragging a freaking heavy suitcase across the carpet, plus other suitcase, plus computer bag, and handbag!!)  Anyway – I rang for the taxi who came straight away to bring me to Maximov Hospital!  He spoke no English but got me here no problems.
When we arrived, the security is HIGH!  There are armed guards (!!) everywhere, a check in point and it's all fully fenced.  I had to go into a transportable and wait with my luggage for someone to collect me.  The ladies in the transportable also spoke no English but I worked out I had to show my passport to gain entry!
Nickolai came to collect me and walked me to the building.  I made it about 50 metres before he ran to get a wheelchair (bless)!  I was brought up to Level 2 and put into a room with a Russian girl.  She was just finishing chemo today and has been taken up to Level 3.  She didn’t speak to me so can’t tell you much about her!
I’ve been given 2 of my interesting meals which will be a daily source of entertainment I’m sure.  Today was soup and then cauliflower and a tuna pattie thing.  Tonight was a stew and a meat in a can thing (that didn’t get eaten)! 

A fellow Aussie patient just popped in to visit me!  She is lovely and has also just finished her chemo today!  She gave me the low down on what goes on and what to expect with tests (internal sounds just lovely).
Well, testing starts tomorrow with MRI’s, heart, lung, kidneys, eyes, ultrasound, internal (L), blood tests, swabs and so on.  Sounds like a busy day but if not, I’ll put on my big girl pants and try to visit some Aussies or at least sit out on the lounge and see who comes to visit (if anyone)!
Filled in today just watching Orange is the new Black which, as promised, is addictive.  One more episode then shower and bed me thinks.  Tomorrow sounds like a big one!
Oh also, Kim Renee and I talked on Face Time so it was great to catch up with her.  She's another Aussie who is coming over later this month!  Great girl and lots of laughs.  I will try to call her again to update her on happenings! 
Let’s hope tomorrow is not too horrific….

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