Saturday, 12 September 2015


No chest hair to report and my voice is no deeper than yesterday...

I think today was a pretty quiet for all of us here at Russian HSCT HQ!
I slept horribly - still awake at 3am...
The nurses come in at 11pm and 3am with injections to stimulate the Stem Cells.  They WILL quietly wake you and it takes 2 minutes but I was awake right up til she came in.  So frustrating.
I don't know if it's a side-effect of the Steroids because I'm not anxious or anything like that at all.

Anyway- due to limited sleep I still got up etc but kinda flopped around until about midday and then went out to the lounge to chat with the 'gang'!

An exciting thing was I got to meet 2 men who have come out of isolation.  I had already met their (amazing) carers and it was so great to meet another 2 gents that are at yet another exciting stage.  Engraftment done, new stem cells working, immune system rebuilding.  Nice work boys.

Both gents are doing great but I was especially excited to see one that has PPMS (Primary Progressive MS) the same as me.  He was doing things he hasn't done for 6 years!  I was euphoric for him.  He was walking without a cane; could open drink bottles etc.  It was a honour to see!

We all understand that this may be the effect of the steroids in us - but what a wonderful sign of what the body is capable of!

A shared philosophy here is if science can work with the patient and the doctor, and the brain believes (All about ATTITUDE) then anything is possible.  Throw in a bit of faith and honey - we're in high heels.

I also got to meet a new lady who will be doing the treatment about the same time as me so that's nice to know as my current 'gang' will be starting to head home next week (whimper) and the other 3 girls are in isolation and I think there will be no (or minimal) crossover between them coming out and me going in. 

My HSCT buddy is from the USA and she is 1 day behind me in the treatment schedule but I'm guessing that we'll catch up with each other somewhere along the way.

I finished my LOVE wall today which is a collection of notes from darling friends that I brought over here and opened (as mentioned in earlier post).  I absolutely love it and while it has brought me to tears (of gratitude and love and laughter) it is my pride and joy in the room (that and my photo's and poems from my daughter).  If anyone reading this blog has someone coming over - I highly recommend organising it for them!!

I wanted to work on my food blog today but I was too tired to be know how it is! 

If  I was to tell you how I'm 'feeling' .... I free absolutely fine.  I miss home of course but Dr F is my hero and Anastasia his trusty side kick - the staff are so efficient and lovely - the 'gang' here is a Godsend (have I said that already)?  They are amazing, amazing, amazing.  I feel very blessed to be here at this time, sharing this experience with all of them (Dr, A, Nurses, Gang), even though they are  at the tail-end of their journey and I'm just beginning.  Even that has had it's obvious benefits as they are a wealth of knowledge of 'what to expect next' for me....

I am just so full of appreciation - for the last year and the ridiculous support I received to get here - and to  being here NOW with these people. 

Russian HSCT HQ out!

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